Local Chapter Membership

AZ APHON annual membership dues - $30

If you are interested in being on our email list, please contact us at


Dues are collected annually to financially support our local chapter. Your contributions fund the educational events we host and the service projects we sponsor. We collect annual dues starting in January.  Dues can be paid in person at meetings or via Venmo: @AZAPHON or Zelle:

Full Membership of AZ APHON

Nurses must be dues-paying members of the National APHON organization and the local Arizona chapter in order to be a full member of AZ APHON. Full AZ APHON membership perks include voting rights for local chapter elections and supporting our local events to better serve our members and communities. 

Guest or Associate Members of AZ APHON

You can also choose to be a guest or associate member of AZ APHON. Guest and associate members pay annual dues to the local AZ APHON chapter, but are not members of the National APHON association. Guest members are nurses, while associate members are non-nurse healthcare professionals.